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Interested in our research?

Interested undergraduates and graduate students, as well as prospective postdocs, should be in touch with Emilie Dressaire, using the form on the right, or the information below to discuss research topics and opportunities.


Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate students participate in laboratory research by getting involved in ongoing experiments or by developing their own research project within the topics of interest to the group. 



Graduate Research
Prospective graduate students should visit the webpage of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCSB for information about the program and how to apply. 


Post Doctoral Research
We have limited post-doctoral fellowships. Interested individuals should reach out to Emilie Dressaire to discuss opportunities, fundings,  and schedule a visit, several months before the end of their current appointment.

Contact information

Department of Mechanical Engineering 
University of California, Santa Barbara

Engineering Science Building, Room 2231C
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5070

Phone: 805.893.2430
Fax: 805.893.5396



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